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9ct Solid Gold Personalized "BLOCK" Nameplate including chain - 8 Letters

R 5400,00


9ct Solid Gold "BLOCK" Personalized Nameplate - 8 Letters including

9ct Gold 45cm square chain

R 5400.00

Our classic "BLOCK" nameplate is the perfect personalized accessory.

Inspired by celebrity styles, this custom gold nameplate can be

personalized with your name or a word of your choice. 

This nameplate is paired with a 9ct Gold 45cm square chain. 

This nameplate is a great and stylish piece of fashion everyone should have. 

Our "BLOCK" nameplates are available with all the letters in uppercase.

Nameplates will be produced EXACTLY as the name or word submitted.

Thickness:  0.9mm

Height:  9mm

Weight of nameplate:  3.0 grams

Total Weight:  6.5 grams

Length of chain:  9ct Gold 45cm

Once you place an order it cannot be cancelled or altered due to the customization of the item.

Please allow 2 - 4 weeks after payment for delivery


block gold nameplate


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